Move In/Out Cleaning Service

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Move In/Out Cleaning Service

End of Tenancy, MOVE IN/OUT CLEAN, Sea Breeze

We at Sea Breeze Cleaning are well aware of the requirements for inventory checks and our extensive end of tenancy cleaning checklist reflects the cleanliness standards required by major Mayo and Galway letting agents and tenants alike

The end of tenancy cleaning is a top to bottom cleaning of all rooms, electric appliances, furniture and fittings in your property. With the highest level of quality work, your property will be left sparkling clean and ready for the next tenants.

Our cleaners use best cleaning products, equipment and tools which are used to provide the best quality of work. We understand the significance for everyone to have the property cleaned to a high standard.

Price includes a professional team of cleaners and all professional  equipment and products necessary for the work! 

Why Choose  End of Tenancy Cleaning :

  • Cleaning  Equipment included
  • Fixed Price NO hidden charges
  • Trained and Experienced Cleaners
  • Our Cleaning service is Not Limited in Time
  • Oven is cleaned as part of Our Move In/Out Clean
  • Windows included inside
  • Inside of all kitchen cabinets and appliances
  • Snag list provided free of charge
  • Friendly and Reliable Services

Not included

exterior windows, carpet cleaning, any external areas (patios, gardens, external staircases, parking spaces, balconies, terraces).

Washing of walls and the ceilings is not included in this service. We will however clean all dust , spiderwebs. We can wash/clean the walls on special request with an additional cost and the entire responsibility will be yours in case any damage occurs to walls. Visit more of our services deep cleaning, Regular cleaning.

End of Tenancy Cleaning includes


  •  Wash and polish all work surfaces.
  •  Clean inside all cupboards and drawers. Remove all old food stuffs,and dispose of.
  •  Sink and taps will be properly cleaned and then polished where required.
  •  Wall tiles will be degreased, fully cleaned and then polished properly.
  •  Deep clean oven internally  as well as clean exterior and polish any external chrome.
  •  Cleaning the grease and grime from extractor.
  •  Clean and defrost freezer,  removing all grime, mildew and food deposits.
  •  Washing machine cleaning properly and clean soap drawers.
  •   Dishwasher cleaning inside and out
  •  Exterior cleaning of all appliances including  toaster, kettle etc and also clean microwave properly.
  •  Bins are cleaned properly.
  • And Much Much More


  • Dusting properly, including: light fittings and shades,  skirting , light switches, wall pictures, mirrors, curtain rails, radiators and fire surround.
  •  light furniture is moved and carpets are vacuum cleaned. wash skirting boards behind furniture.
  •  Beds and Mattresses are moved and vacuumed/washed
  •   Other floors are washed using correct type of cleaning materials.
  •  All glass (furniture tops, mirrors, picture frames etc) to be cleaned with window cleaner.
  •  Windows and frames to be cleaned internally.
  •   Doors are properly cleaned and door handles are polished.
  •  Drawers and shelves are cleaned properly.
  •  Upholstery vacuumed properly,  cushions are lifted and cleaned underneath.
  •  All wooden furniture are carefully wiped and dust is removed.
  •  Vacuum carpet and Much Much More


  •  Shower screen are carefully de-scaled, fully cleaned and then polished.
  •  Wall tiles are degreased, fully cleaned and then polished.
  •  Basin, bath, shower, taps and fittings will cleaned, de-scaled then dried and properly polished.
  •  Toilet are de-scaled, and brushed clean, Seat are fully cleaned too
  •  Mirrors will be fully cleaned and polished.
  •  Floors will be properly washed and sanitised.


  •  All the Bedroom furniture units are fully cleaned.
  •  Bedroom carpet are properly vacuumed
  • Tiled and wood floors vacuum and washed
  • Beds and furniture pulled out where possible
  • Switches and sockets cleaned
  • Doors and skirtings
  • And alot more

Service Speciality

End of Tenancy, MOVE IN/OUT CLEAN, Sea Breeze

Dust light fittings

End of Tenancy, MOVE IN/OUT CLEAN, Sea Breeze

Clean glass doors

End of Tenancy, MOVE IN/OUT CLEAN, Sea Breeze

Clean/sanitize sinks

End of Tenancy, MOVE IN/OUT CLEAN, Sea Breeze

Floor cleaning

End of Tenancy, MOVE IN/OUT CLEAN, Sea Breeze

Empty Trash

End of Tenancy, MOVE IN/OUT CLEAN, Sea Breeze

Extra shiny

End of Tenancy, MOVE IN/OUT CLEAN, Sea Breeze

Dusting and polishing

End of Tenancy, MOVE IN/OUT CLEAN, Sea Breeze

Window cleaning

Frequently Ask Questions?

Between 1 and 4 cleaners this depends on size of property and which cleaning service you have booked.
No as long as it has been arranged and we have keys to the house However we do prefer that someone is there to do a walk through at the end of the cleaning.
This all depends on the service booked at the time of booking you will be given an estimated time.

Pricing Plans

Deep cleaningFrom €150
End of tenancy cleaningFrom €190
Post Builders cleanFrom €250
Regular Weekly cleansFrom €15 hour
Interior WindowsFrom €30
Holiday let changeoversFrom €100